Schedule for Monday November 5th

Laurie CochraneMonday League

Ice 1 – Kaiser vs Burns
Ice 2 – Cochrane vs Murray
Ice 3 – Retson vs Jack
Ice 4 – Dennis vs Densmore

Ice 2 – Fisher vs White

The remaining Monday League schedule for 2018-2019 will be posted later this week.

Schedule for Thursday Nov 1st

Mike HendersonThursday League

All games are 8 ends, unless BOTH teams want to play 6

Ice 1: Glinz vs Armsworthy
Ice 2: Cochrane vs Hanham
Ice 3: MacKenzie v Loughead
Ice 4: MacKeil vs Archibald

Ice 1: O Dennis v Kaiser
Ice 2: Burns v Sears
Ice 3: Van Oirschot v  C White

Schedule for Monday Oct 29th

Laurie CochraneMonday League

Games at 7:00 on sheet 2 are 6 ends and will be done at 8:30
Games on sheet 2 at 8:30 are 6 ends.

Ice 1. Cochrane vs. Retson 
Ice 2. Burns vs. White 
Ice 3. Dennis vs. Murray 
Ice 4. Kaiser vs. Fisher

Ice 2. Jack vs. Densmore

Monday Night Curling

Laurie CochraneMonday League

We are having a curling practice tomorrow night , Oct. 22 at 7:00. There will 4 end games if desired or individual sheets to just throw rocks on.

As usual we have players not returning and we have a few new players so some teams will be formed over the next week.

If you know of anyone who has played in the past or someone who would like to start curling , please bring them along. We are very accommodating.

Our season will start on Oct. 29th.

2018 – 2019 Season!

AdminClub News

Welcome back curlers! There are lots of great changes this year!

The Executive of the Brookfield Curling Club has arranged for an extra week to be added to our curling season – the ice, in the newly-refurbished ice shed, will be ready for curlers on MONDAY, October 15!! This is a great opportunity for our members, and those who wish to join us, to get a real jump on the season for the BCC’s 43rd year!

Open House
Open house begins tomorrow, October 15th! Prospective members can drop in for some practice and to find out more about our various leagues.

Autumn Season League
This curling season there is an opportunity for an “Autumn Season League”. The league would run for 6 weeks October 24th until the end of November. Draws would be Wednesday evening 7:00PM.

The fee for the league will be $60.00 but 100% of the fee will be taken as part of your regular membership fees if you join any of the regular leagues.

This is a great opportunity for members to bring new people into the club who can’t commit to an entire season of curling.

Mixed Doubles
The newest rage in curling! Plans are to arrange and promote “Mixed Doubles” for those who would like to add a new competitive edge to your game.

For information on these new programs and all the news for our usual leagues, please see the newsletter.