Monday Night Standings & Playoff Schedule

Laurie CochraneMonday League

Congratulations to Ken Retson, Ernie Glintz, Jim Thompson and Jamie Thompson for winning the Monday night curling regular season.

The final standings for the 2018-2019 regular season are available here.

Division A:

  • Retson
  • Fisher
  • Dennis
  • Cochrane
  • Jack

Division B:

  • Burns
  • Densmore
  • White
  • Kaiser
  • Murray

There will be 5 cross over playoff games all at 9:00. All games are scheduled for 8 ends.

To complete a 2 division schedule I have added Wednesday March 6th and Wednesday March 13th to the schedule. If you can not field a team on these dates please let me know.

The playoff schedule is available here.

Valentine’s Draw Winner!

Mary JohnsonClub News

Congratulations to Betty Peddle for winning the $1000 Valentines’s Day Draw. The winning ticket was sold by Kent Loughead.

A special Thank you to all who sold tickets and thanks to each and everyone who purchased tickets and for everyone’s great support!

Countdown is on – 4 Weeks to the Auction!

Mary JohnsonClub News

Thank you to all of those who have donated Auction Items.

You may bring your auction items in to the Club or if you require pick up that is also available.

An “Auction Box” is now at the Club where you may deposit your items or give to Mary Johnson or Dee Vipond.

Inventory list is there as well to record incoming items. As items come in we will be maintaining them to ensure they are secure. Any items for pick up just let us know and that will be arranged.

Thank You to All and have yourselves a wonderful day.

The Clary White Framing Bonspiel

Mike HendersonClub News

The Clary White Framing Bonspiel was held at the Brookfield Curling Club Saturday.  It was fun filled and competitive curling. Prizes were donated by Clary White Framing.

Champions – Dave Bangay, Jeslyn Searle, Lisa Henderson. and skip Laurie Cochrane

The Laurie Cochrane-skipped rink, with Dave Bangay, Lisa Henderson, and blossoming new talent Jeslyn Searle downed Elmer Archibald’s foursome (Mike Henderson, Becky Stone-McCoul and Cindy Crossman), 6-1 in the final to cop top honours.

Runners Up – Mike Henderson, Becky Stone-McCoul, Cindy Crossman, and skip Elmer Archibald

Ernie Glinz, Clary White, Jill Sears, and Ryan Searle took 1st Consolation edging Leroy Burns’ squad (Lloyd Allen, Emily Breckon, and Laura Henderson), 5-4.

Andy Kenny’s team of Scott MacIntyre, Arlene Rutherford, and Mary Johnson downed Courtney Hanham’s team (Steve Robertson, Barb Cox, and Pam Olmstead) 6-3 in the 2nd consolation final; and the Mike MacKeil rink took 3rd consolation – with a 6-3 win over the Andrew Sears’ foursome (Mel Miller, Paul Crouse, and Diane Forshner).

Auction and Social: Saturday, Feb. 23rd @ 7PM

AdminClub News

Hello folks, hope everyone survived the weather of the weekend with little or no difficulty.

It’s that time of year, we are gearing up for our annual Auction and Social. Last year’s Auction raised over $3500.00 and was a lot of fun. We’re looking to match or beat that total and have a Social afterwards to celebrate after this year’s Event.

To that end, attached is the Auction Poster and Letter for DonationsPlease hang the posters in your work place, throughout our Communities and wherever you think folks might see them.

We are asking Members to source a donation. If you take the donation letter to merchants, service providers, restaurants, building supply places etc., typically they will donate something. All donations are welcome! If you are on a roll, don’t feel obligated to stop at one!

Please bring the items to the Curling Club, where they will be secured until the Auction. If you need items to be picked up, please contact Mary Johnson, Laurie Cochrane or Dee Vipond and we will gladly pick them up for you.

In the meantime, save the date – Saturday, Feb. 23 and encourage your friends and relatives to attend the Auction and Social!

Hard copies of the posters and donation ask letters are also available at the Club. If you have any questions, let us know,

Your Fundraising Committee

League Standings as of January 18th

Mike HendersonMonday League, Thursday League, Tuesday League

Here are the updated standings for as of January 18th:

Cochrane Cup

Ken Retson rink continues to set the pace; Olivia Dennis squad moving up!

Forshner Cup

Andrew Sears foursome defeats Comeau rink in first place scrum; defending champs MacKeil closing in!
Courtney Hanham squad  moves into lead, despite recent loss to MacKeil rink; former leader Armsworthy team has lost last 4 games!

Friday Fun Nights

Mary JohnsonClub News

Hello Everyone!

Friday Night Curling and a brand new year to look forward to.

We are attaching a “Friday Fun Night” poster for your information and to encourage everyone to come out and curl on Friday night.

In the past Friday night was played on a team basis, this year the format has changed to a “drop-in” basis. This gives opportunity to all who are interested in curling to come out for a night of fun curling and as competitive curling as you want it to be.

This is open to all levels of curlers, the experienced, the not so experienced and those who have never gave it a try but would like to. Come along, bring a family member or friend.

The more people we have on Friday nights the more fun it is for everyone. We are always open to suggestions as to what you might like to see, if “doubles curling” is of interest to anyone. Let us know.

Friday night Commissioner will be there to welcome everyone and to offer his assistance.

Have a Great Day Everyone!!
Mary Johnson, Secretary