Brookfield Curling Open House

Olivia DennisClub News

Hi everyone,

We will be holding our annual open house week beginning Monday, November 2nd from 7-9pm. Attached is the poster with dates & times. Please pass the message along to any friends/family/co-workers that may be interested! 

Nova Scotia is in Stage 4 for curling which means face masks must be worn at all times except when you are on the ice playing and when you are seated at your table after the game. You do not need to social distance while playing but we ask that you social distance before and after the game. We will have signs posted and arrows showing traffic flow directions (much like we all see at the grocery store) and sanitizing stations. Please sanitize when you come into the building and sign in on the sign-in sheet so we have a record of who was in the building in case public health needs it. We all want this season to be safe and fun.

Hope to see you all soon,
Olivia Dennis
Brookfield Curling Club Secretary