Friday Fun Nights

Mary JohnsonClub News

Hello Everyone!

Friday Night Curling and a brand new year to look forward to.

We are attaching a “Friday Fun Night” poster for your information and to encourage everyone to come out and curl on Friday night.

In the past Friday night was played on a team basis, this year the format has changed to a “drop-in” basis. This gives opportunity to all who are interested in curling to come out for a night of fun curling and as competitive curling as you want it to be.

This is open to all levels of curlers, the experienced, the not so experienced and those who have never gave it a try but would like to. Come along, bring a family member or friend.

The more people we have on Friday nights the more fun it is for everyone. We are always open to suggestions as to what you might like to see, if “doubles curling” is of interest to anyone. Let us know.

Friday night Commissioner will be there to welcome everyone and to offer his assistance.

Have a Great Day Everyone!!
Mary Johnson, Secretary