The Executive of the BCC has arranged for an extra week to be added to our curling season – the ice, in the newly-refurbished ice shed, will be ready for curlers on MONDAY, October 15!! This is a great opportunity for our members, and those who wish to join us, to get a real jump on the season for the BCC’s 43rd year!

Open House

Our “Open House Week” will see sessions at 7-9PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights; Wednesday morning at 9:30, and Saturday from 1-3PM. We hope all returning curlers, and ANY who wish to learn the game, come to the BCC at these times. In addition, we will have Instructional sessions, for people new to the game, to get first-rate instructions over several Saturday mornings throughout the autumn, OUTSIDE a game setting, so skills can be polished. Experienced curlers are encouraged to take advantage of this also – see below for more details on this, and the proposed Autumn League, which will provide another competitive outlet for those wanting more games!

Thanks to a superb job by our Fund-Raising Committee and their volunteers last year, and the understanding shown by the DHMS Board, there is only a very nominal change to our fee structure. Returning members will pay only $330 for one league curling, while UNLIMITED play (and practice time) costs only $430.00 New members get a huge discount, playing as much as they want for only $230.00! This is great values for a season that stretches from October 15 to April 1! Reserve March 29-31 for the Great Community Curling Classic.

Please don’t let an injury keep you away –Stick curling has caught on like wildfire at the BCC; this enables those who might have physical limitations to still enjoy the game! So don’t let a bothersome joint or muscle keep you off the ice –we can keep you in the game!!


Contact the commissioner for your time of choice.

Laurie Cochrane

Gord Forshner

Wednesday AM
Kent Loughead

Mike Henderson


Autumn Season League

This curling season there is an opportunity for an “Autumn Season League”. The league would run for 6 weeks October 24th until the end of November. Draws would be Wednesday evening 7:00PM and possibly Saturday morning.

Curlers could register as individuals, part teams or 4 person teams. Teams and a schedule would be put together for the 6 weeks.

This is an opportunity for members to bring new folks into the club for curlers that can’t commit to an entire season of curling –to curl on a team with club members that before you only curled against and of course to sharpen your individual and team skills early in the season.

The fee for the league will be $60.00 but 100% of the fee will be taken as part of your regular membership fees if you join any of the regular leagues. No extra fees for club members. If there is sufficient interest for the 2 days a week the second day will be included.. The final plans will have to be set soon so if you are interested in participating please contact Darrell Robinson @ 902-751-0433 ASAP.

Mixed Doubles

The newest rage in curling!! Plans are to arrange and promote “Mixed Doubles” for those who would like to add a new competitive edge to your game.

Learn to Curl & Club Practice

Again this year the BCC is holding an adult Learn to Curl Program.

Information, on ice activities and registration is available each day of the Open House running October 15 thru October 20.

Sessions are Saturday 10:00AM to 12:00PM October 27 through November 24 – 5 sessions total. The Learn to Curl Program objective is to introduce the sport of curling to those who have never before been on curling ice and to have participants able to curl as a full team member in a full regular curling match by the end of the 5 lessons. The sessions are also open to those who have only curled a few times and would like a refresher on the basics.

During the Learn to Curl Sessions there will also be ice available for regular members practise, instruction and materials for practice drills will be available if requested or members can use the time on their own. Great opportunity to try new things outside of regular league nights.

Please register for Learn to Curl by contact Darrell Robinson @ 902-751-0433 or by signing up during the Open House activities.

Little Rocks and Junior Curling

  • Little Rocks – for ages 6 to 9 on alternate Tuesdays from 3:30 – 4:15. Cost is $35.00
  • Juniors – for ages 10-18 on Mondays 3:15 to 4:45. Cost is $50.00

For more information contact Lisa Henderson or 902-673-2106.

We URGE all members to encourage friends, work-mates, neighbours, and family members to come to the BCC – growing our membership makes all our leagues better, and is the BEST type of Fund-Raising. Likewise groups or organizations can make use of our facilities for a fun night out, or a bonspiel. Ice time is available on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, and on several weekends—interested parties can contact BCC President Pibb Henderson at , Dee Vipond heads our Fund-Raising committee—she welcomes ideas and volunteers! Perhaps your business, or one you know, would like to advertise by placing a very cost-effective sign in the club—if so contact Andrew Sears .

See you at the Open House!!

BCC Executive